Renting Before Buying Bangkok Real Estate

Accommodating over six million in its greater CBD, Bangkok has plenty of property options to suit all budgets. It’s also a buoyant investment market and has some top notch residential projects placing it on a par with Hong Kong and Singapore as an Asian property centre, though much affordable. Bangkok property management is a big … Read more

Furniture Shopping for Rental Condos in Bangkok

So, you’ve made the move to Bangkok and you’re about to settle into your dream house or your perfect apartment. But it’s unfurnished. Or perhaps it’s just lacking a little in character. Don’t despair, think of it as a blank canvas on which to express your brand new and exciting chapter in this wonderful city. … Read more

Chinese Investor Lead Generation for Thai Condos & Villas

Chinese investors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore remain keen on investing in Thai property. Aside from being Chinese, the Chinese investor demographic varies greatly in their investing appetite and digital activities when it comes to searching for properties overseas. Our digital lead generation team started generating Chinese investor leads in early 2011 … Read more