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Chinese Investor Lead Generation for Thai Condos & Villas

Chinese investors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore remain keen on investing in Thai property. Aside from being Chinese, the Chinese investor demographic varies greatly in their investing appetite and digital activities when it comes to searching for properties overseas.

Our digital lead generation team started generating Chinese investor leads in early 2011 and continues to drill into the niche and sub-sectors of Chinese investors to create winning lead generation campaigns for property developers. Because of the sheer high volume of leads and variation of lead demographics it is ever increasingly important that we work with developers that have highly skilled and adaptable sales teams that can handle high volumes of sales leads whilst remaining flexible to each of the investors needs.

If your sales team is keen on high quality Chinese investor leads, it is vital that you have the CRM and sales system processes in place to ensure the leads can be nurtured into closed sales again and again with many of these investors set to be multiple property buyers.

Chinese Investor Lead Generation vs Chinese Marketing in Thailand

Marketing agencies in Thailand around the world have been jumping on the bandwagon hype of the “Chinese market” with bold promises of floods of new investors, tourists or customers for your business. However the results are often very hard to measure and almost certainly come with tie-up contracts and retainer fees.

What makes us different is our (PPL) Pay-Per-Lead business model, which ensures you only ever pay for real quality results. Nothing is wasted on marketing that doesn’t work, It is 100% risk free.

The only catch is that we can only work with high performing sales team who can actually do the business once we provide them with the leads.

If you or your sales teams can handle an additional 100 – 200 sales leads per week or month lets talk!

You can read more about our Thailand property lead generation services here

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