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Investment Villas in Phuket – Completed and Off-Plan Villas

Buying an investment grade villa property is obviously an investment. Such buyers have no intention of living in the property or primarily using it as a personal holiday home. However, one should not forget that investment grade villa properties are most likely to be rented out per the owner’s agreed terms on the day of purchase. Visitors to Phuket interested in this accommodation option tend to be at the upper end of the market, so if you are this type of buyer, make sure your choice is managed by an international hotel brand or other professional group.

Completed Villas in Phuket
Completed available units offer buyers the advantage if knowing exactly what they are getting. The downside is that there is no time for the buyer to actually wait for the project to be completed, once buyers miss the opportunity, the only other option is to wait for the desired project to show up on the resale market which, more often than not, will command a further premium.

Off-Plan Villas in Phuket
Similar to the condominium market, off plan villas are offered during the construction or even the planning phase, well before completion of the project, One upside to buying off plan is that buyers may enjoy some discount and/or promotional packages. The rule of thumb when buying an off plan villa is the same as for a condo: stick with reputable developers. Another plus when buying off plan villas, especially among prime location developments, is the potential for faster capital gains. That aspect may prove telling if buyers expect to want to sell the property in the future.

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