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Mae Chaem Property Investment & Living in Mae Chaem

Mae Chaem is two and half hour’s drive from Chaing Mai, the district has become a well known destination for many tourists, this area has some beautifully preserved old culture and lifestyle. Many artists and artisans reside in this area. Mae Chaem is nestled in a very attractive valley and surrounded by mountains including the well known Doi Inthanon, anyone undertaking the drive to Mae Chaem will find it a highly enjoyable experience.

Mae Chaem has a mixture of cultural people the Khon Muang who are the local people and hill tribes of Lua, Hmong, Pakakayor and Lisu ethnicity. Arts and crafts are highly valued as a result of this mixture of cultures. Some of the crafts are weaving of very distinct styles and quite famous is the Pha Sin Teen Jok technique of weaving which has very decorative pieces that are on the hem of tube skirts. The local people consider this to be not only a part of their job and a means of making money but an integral part of their cultural lifestyle.

Residents and tourists find to have wonderful charm and character, with many old wooden houses to admire, chat to the friendly locals, and generally enjoy life at a much slower pace than most other places. There are beautiful temples to visit and incredible mural paintings to see inside the Wat Kong Khag and the Wat Pahaed, a visit to the water church at Wat Putthaoen is a must, other interesting places are Prathat Wat Chang Khoeng and the Wat Gong Karn.

Investment in Mae Chaem is well worth it as the area is beautiful and lends itself to a comfortable lifestyle you must consider looking at a resort for sale which is situated under the Doi Inthanon National Park and Mae Hong Son Loop traveling. The resort has wonderful charming and unique mountainous landscape that offers an opportunity to get close to nature. Seeking that peaceful environment you will find this resort just the place to be to relax and enjoy life. Why not visit the resort to see for yourself. And investment that is really worth it. For an opportunity to have the best of both worlds, you will be able to earn a return on your investment with 20 beautifully well maintained cottages, each cottage gives guests the enjoyment of this beautiful place as well as a place to restore their equilibrium, relax in incredible surroundings and just the place to renew themselves.

Using the resort as your base you are close enough to enjoy may of the sights such as the Napaponphumsiri and Napamethaneedon Stupas, and much more with the Doi Inthanon to inspire you with its splendour.

Some of the charm of Mae Chaem is the lack of excessive civilisation; you will find tiered fields of rice rising up the slops of the green mountain. Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest mountain, it dominates and enthralls the while town, the town itself has the winding river that flows from the mountain giving it a rustic charm.

The aromas that come from Mae Chaem will return you back to nature, imaging the heady perfume of Jasmine as you walk about the town mingled with rice that has recently been cut, pass some of the onion and garlic drying sheds for further interesting aromas.

The people of Mae Chaem are friendly and helpful, and as you pass houses and temples you will find water jars for visitors to drink from if they are thirsty, the whole atmosphere is one of charm and beauty and very restful on the eyes.

Don’t be fooled that there is no activity and places to visit, Mae Chaem has 7 temples you can visit, the morning market is a hive of activity which offers not only lovely goods to purchase but just sitting back and watching the people is very relaxing, but we are sure you will enjoy the many ancient crafts that are on display, you’re sure to buy some they are indeed delightful. You need to be up early for the morning market it begins at 3am and by 6am it’s all over; it is well worth going, to be able to see the wonderful choice of produce the villagers grow. You will also see the Karen tribes-people who are a large part of the population.

Take a paddle down the Mae Chaem River and view the nearby waterfalls, if you wish to relax in the hot springs and have a wonderful massage they are also available.

The seven temples are well worth the visit each is unique and indeed have their own special beauty, the artistry is sure to take your breath away at the wonderful execution of the art. Each temple has a jumble of buildings and court yards that add to their charm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see these beautiful temples.

Additional charming attractions can be found at 8am on Fridays when students from the RongrianMuang Dek primary school do their practices of traditional arts. The younger boys practice traditional martial arts and the older boys do the ritualized sword fighting. The young girls will perform the fingernail dance (fone lep). At the back of the school kindergarten children will entertain you with song and dance. The activities start at 8am and last about 45 minutes, the villagers and children welcome visitors to observe these activities.

There is the Wat Buppara museum with a display of interesting farm tools, old guns and opium tools. Although the museum is small it’s very interesting.

Boating and bamboo rafting can be enjoyed all year round plus row boats and triyaks and local guides can show you all the wonderful attractions this valley has to offer as well as boating you can also go cycling as well.

The Doi Inthanon National Park has wonderful waterfalls, incredible scenery, interesting bird life fauna and flora to make your visit interesting. You can enjoy much in Mae Chaem, as well as a wonderful place for tourists it is also a beautiful place for investment.

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