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Property in Chiang Mai a mixture of new and old condominiums.

A Sensible Standard of Living the Entire Year: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s largest city in the north. People like to live in Chiang Mai for several reasons. While Chiang Mai is a tourist destination, it also appeals to those who want to retire or work here as well. Chiang Mai is said to be a little more relaxed than other cities in Thailand and it is cheaper to live here than it would be in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. The city is famous for its cooler weather at night which attracts those who want to escape the heat of the south. It is a city full of culture from the northern Thai hill tribes and has maintained many traditional ways in spite of its growth as an international city. The foreign population continues to grow in Chiang Mai and it is for this reason that you see many developments available for sale or rent. Because prices here are not driven high by tourism as they are in the south, you can enjoy a sensible standard of living for the entire year in this beautiful city.

Chiang Mai has a mixture of new and old condominiums. Property prices have increased sharply in the areas around the Night Market and Nimmanhaemin. Nimmanhaemin is reported to be one of the popular foreigner districts in Chiang Mai and a good place to retire. The infrastructure in the Nimmanhaemin has evolved into a western style community replacing what used to be primarily noodle stands and other street vendors. For those willing to buy an older property, there is the possibility for some good bargains. It is reported that there is a property surplus here because some of the properties in this city are those that were unsold from the pre-1997 development boom and from an accelerated development period before the most recent recession. There are also many ownership opportunities for property buyers on smaller budgets.

The riverfront area also remains popular for foreigners. This is the area along the Ping River which is a major tributary to the Chao Phraya River that runs through Bangkok. An example of one of the condominium developments along this river is Rim Ping Condominiums. Their condominiums offer a spectacular view of the city and surrounding mountains plus they have a variety of floor plans to suit any taste. They offer a two bedroom, fully-furnished, complete with kitchen condominium unit for sale at 5.9 million Thai Baht (divide by 30 to get current amount in U.S. Dollars). Another property agency in the city, Chiang Mai Real Estate Agency, offers a one-bedroom, fully furnished condominium at 2.2 million Thai Baht. If you are in the market to buy a house, they have a four-bedroom, 1-story, fully-furnished unit priced to sell at 16.9 million Thai Baht which is quite good. Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand so buying a house would require the title to be in the name of a Thai spouse or corporation.

Chiang Mai has all of the modern conveniences and attractions of a major city. There are many support and special interest clubs for foreign expatriates. It is full of international restaurants, shopping complexes, hotels, and entertainment venues that you would expect from a world-class urban center. The western part of the city has the Night Bazaar where you can bargain for the best prices on all sorts of items. There are plenty of other activities you can do here. You can go golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, to the Chiang Mai Zoo, have an outdoor massage, and the list goes on.

If you are moving here, contact a Chiang Mai realtor today. Remember that there are a variety of available condominiums, apartments, and houses for sale or rent.

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