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Investment Villas in Phuket – Completed and Off-Plan Villas

Buying an investment grade villa property is obviously an investment. Such buyers have no intention of living in the property or primarily using it...

Mae Chaem Property Investment & Living in Mae Chaem

Mae Chaem is two and half hour’s drive from Chaing Mai, the district has become a well known destination for many tourists, this area...

Off Plan Property Investing in Thailand… What is it?

Off plan investors are getting in BEFORE the ground floor is even built. It is early stage investing — the kind traditionally only available...

Investing in Phuket as a retirement lifestyle destination

Only a few years ago, Phuket was attracting mainly holiday travellers in search of a fun-filled paradise centred on soft-sand beaches and a funky...

Phuket’s Property Boom: Luxury Homes on the Rugged West Coast

Take a cruise down the west coast of Phuket and from offshore you’ll see construction sites all over the place. This may be a...